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“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

henry ward beecher

About Myburgh Inc Attorneys

Formed from a long standing subsection of a distinguished national law firm, Myburgh Inc Attorneys is a reputable, all-inclusive, corporate and commercial law firm that services a boutique client base in George Western Cape. We proudly boast a talented and experienced set of partners and multilevelled attorney teams – with every team member offering insight into a particular industry and field of expertise. With the globalisation of business being what it is today, we understand the importance of maintaining a sense of global vision in relation to the local industry’s jurisdictions.

Our aim as a corporate team is to go beyond servicing our clients when issues arise, and actually build long-term advisory relationships with them – providing responsive, professional, and high quality legal services throughout.

Our Network

Our approach to resourcing is translated from the high calibre of the staff we employ, to the manner in which we equip ourselves to take on any kind of corporate or commercial law case. From a technical level, Myburgh Attorneys, makes use of cutting-edge software and online applications, and also ensures that all employees have unlimited access to multiple online materials and systems. Having direct sources and digital access to a wealth of information saves time and money, thereby enhances the satisfaction of our clients.

Our approach of going to the client directly is another way that we aim to improve the experience our clients have in the legal space. We don’t believe that you need to waste your precious commercial hours commuting to us – let us come to you. It doesn’t matter where in the world your company is based; we have access to a private air and ground fleet that will bring us to your doorstep should it be required.


Our Ethos

With a core focus of providing legal services of the highest quality, we pride ourselves in the consistently ethical and extra-mile approach that our employees adopt. Years of experience in various different fields of business give our team a distinguished advantage in terms of industry knowledge, yet we are corporate and commercial law experts – we don’t promise to be everything to everybody – but what we do promise is an unrestrained effort to fully understand your specific business and industry needs.

To us, no two businesses are the same, so why would we take a monochromatic approach to client service? By joining our client base you can expect a professional, long-term relationship during which we will stand by your side with strategically sound legal advice.

Our Team

Collective insight into the business environment and South Africa’s intricate socio-political context is the result of the diversity of our team; diversity in terms of skills, qualifications, interests and backgrounds, but also through a combination of experienced professionals and a number of younger lawyers. The result is a skilled, enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team that sets us apart. Superior legal skills and a commitment to integrity, excellence and hard work enable Myburgh Attorneys to frequently exceed our clients’ expectations. Myburgh Attorneys boasts an exceptionally talented and experienced management team. Each member of the team is a professional in their respective field. Our team is able to offer global insight alongside local expertise in specific jurisdictions and consistently produces work of unparalleled quality. Myburgh Attorneys sources the highest calibre of professionals for our team and maintains the highest professional, ethical and business standards. This approach is reflected in the manner in which we treat our clients and their businesses. We demand the very best from our team, and consequently our clients receive an equally unwavering commitment to quality and integrity in the services we provide.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way